28 July 2011

Anne Béranger

French dancer, singer and actress Anne Béranger (1925-1985) appeared in a dozen films in the 1950s and 1960s. She was foremost a dancer and later worked as a choreographer and was the director of her own dance company.

Anne Béranger
French postcard by Editions du Globe (E.D.U.G.), Paris, no. 431. Photo: Sam Lévin.

Crime dramas

Anne Béranger was born in 1925. According to Wikipedia she was of Russian origin. Although she was in the first place a dancer, she appeared in twelve (TV)films.

She made her film début in the early 1950s with an uncredited part in Un grand patron/A big boss (Yves Campi, 1951) starring Pierre Fresnay.

The following years she appeared in the Georges Guétary vehicle Une fille sur la route/A girl on the road (Jean Stelli, 1952) and the prostitution drama Les compagnes de la nuit/Companions of the Night (Ralph Habib, 1953) starring Françoise Arnoul.

After a hiatus of four years she played more small roles in the crime film Pas de grisbi pour Ricardo/No Loot For Ricardo (Henri Lepage, 1957) and Élisa (Roger Richébé, 1957) featuring Dany Carrel.

The following year she appeared in the crime film Rapt au deuxième bureau/Operation Abduction (Jean Stelli, 1958) with Franck Villard. On TV she was seen in an episode of the crime series Les cinq dernières minutes/The Five Last Minutes (Maurice Frydland, 1958).

Françoise Arnoul
Françoise Arnoul. Dutch postcard by Gebr. Spanjersberg N.V. , Rotterdam (Dutch licency holder of Ufa (Universum-Film Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin-Tempelhof), no. 1110. Photo: Sam Lévin, Paris.

Youth Subject

Anne Béranger’s meager film career continued throughout the 1960s. In 1960 she played a bit part in Terrain Vague/Wasteland (Marcel Carné, 1960) with Danièle Gaubert. It was another attempt of legendary director Marcel Carné to tackle a youth subject after his successful Les Tricheurs/The Cheaters (Marcel Carné, 1958).

Seven years later Béranger played a supporting part in the thriller Le chacal traque les filles/The jackal pursues the girls (Jean-Michel Rankovitch, 1967) with Roger Hanin.

She appeared in such TV films as Princesse Czardas/Czardas Princess (Dirk Sanders, 1968) and Les eaux mêlées/Troubled Waters (Jean Kerchbron, 1969) with Claude Brasseur. These were her last screen performances.

From 1969 on she worked as a director and choreographer for her own dance company, Compagnie Anne Béranger-Joseph Rusillo (Rusillo left in 1973), with which she often worked for French TV. She also sang and a.o. recorded Poulenc’s La Voix Humaine (The Human Voice) with the pianist Setrak.

Anne Béranger died in 1985. She is the mother of Dominique Borg, costume designer for many theatre productions and such famous French films as Camille Claudel (Bruno Nuytten, 1988) featuring Isabelle Adjani, Les Misérables (Claude Lelouch, 1995) with Jean-Paul Belmondo, and Le pacte des loups/The Brotherhood of the Wolf (Christophe Gans, 2001) with Vincent Cassel. Three times, Borg received the César for Best Costume, for Camille Claudel in 1989, for Artemisa (Agnès Merlet, 1997) in 1998 and for Le pacte de loups in 2002.

Dany Carrel
Dany Carrel. French postcard by Editions du Globe, Paris, no. 436. Photo: Sam Lévin.

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