11 January 2012


From 1925 on, the Dutch firm JosPe printed and published hundreds of film star postcards.

Greta Garbo
Greta Garbo. Dutch postcard by JosPe, Arnhem, no. 34. Photo: MGM.

Jenny Jugo
Jenny Jugo. Dutch postcard by JosPe, no. 371. Photo: Remaco.

Truus van Aalten
Truus van Aalten. Dutch Postcard by Jospe, no. 462. Photo: Godfried de Groot, Amsterdam.

Real Industry
Postcards used to be a real industry in the Netherlands in the first decennia of the 20th Century. There were many firms who produced postcards. JosPe from the city of Arnhem was one of the biggest photo postcard publishers of the country. The firm was named after Joseph Peter Welker, a businessman from Hamburg in Germany, who founded the company in 1925. Between 1925 and 1989 JosPe produced thousands of postcards of cities and villages in the Netherlands, mostly pictures of streets and buildings. JosPe could aso be commissioned by local hotels, cafes, churches and industries to make postcards of the respective buildings.

Marta Eggerth
Marta Eggerth. Dutch postcard by JosPe, no. 547.

Marta Eggerth, Richard Tauber
Marta Eggerth with operetta colleague Richard Tauber. Dutch postcard by JosPe, no. 468.

Marta Eggerth
Christmas with Marta Eggerth. Dutch postcard by JosPe, no. 593.

Serrated Pictures
Through the years JosPe also published hundreds of film cards. The format of the JosPe postcards is 142 x 92 mm. Their pictures are sometimes serrated, and always printed glossy. There are many JosPe cards of film stars like Greta Garbo, Maurice Chevalier and Marta Eggerth (in Dutch Martha Eggerth), who very popular stars in the Netherlands during the 1930's. With operetta diva Eggerth, JosPe even made a special Christmas card. JosPe shut down in 1989. In 2005 the Regionaal Archief Tilburg in the south of the Netherlands bought all the negatives.

Maurice Chevalier
Maurice Chevalier. Dutch postcard by JosPe, Arnhem, no. 392.

Maurice Chevalier
Maurice Chevalier in the fishertown of Volendam, The Netherlands, 1932. Dutch postcard by JosPe, Arnhem, no. 298.

Maurice Chevalier in The Hague (1932)
Maurice Chevalier in The Netherlands. Dutch postcard by Jospé, Arnhem. 'Den Haag 21 September 1932 is written on the back of the card. That night Chevalier performed at the Gebouw voor Kunsten en Wetenschappen (Arts & Sciences building) in Den Haag/The Hague. The day before Chevalier had visited Volendam and Amsterdam and had performed at the - still existing - Amsterdam movie palace Tuschinski Theater.

Sources: Het Volkspark Enschede (Dutch) and DeWeekkrant.nl (Dutch).

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