07 February 2012

Hilda Rosch

German actress Hilda Rosch only appeared in eight films between 1928 and 1931.

Hilda Rosch
German postcard by Ross Verlag, no. 3595/1, 1928-1929. Photo: Aafa Film.

Hilda Rosch must have been quite a popular film star as several postcards were produced with the beautiful actress. Why she appeared in a mere eight films is quite a mystery. Her first film was Die Zirkusprinzessin/The Circus Princess (1928, Victor Janson) with Harry Liedtke and Cilly Feindt. In the same year she appeared in Der Unüberwindliche/The Invincible (1928, Max Obal), and Tempo! Tempo! (1929, Max Obal) with Italian strong man Luciano Albertini. In Das Spiel mit der Liebe/The Game of Love (1928, Victor Janson) she starred again opposite Harry Liedtke.

Hilda Rosch
German postcard by Ross Verlag, no. 4054/1, 1929-1930. Photo: Atelier Balázs, Berlin.

Abrupt End
Hilda Rosch's film career developed nicely. She appeared opposite cabaret star Max Hansen in the short Max Hansen: Jetzt geht's der Dolly gut/Max Hansen: Now Dolly Does Well (1929, Max Reichmann). In Die Warschauer Zitadelle/The Citadel of Warsaw (1930, Jacob Fleck, Luise Fleck) she appeared with the legendary La Jana. But the new sound film seemed to hinder her career. Her last two film appearances were in Ihr Junge/Her Boy (1931, Friedrich Feher) with Feher’s wife Magda Sonja and their son Hans Feher in the leading parts, and Der Bebende Berg/The Trembling Mountain (1931, Hanns Beck-Gaden, Luitpold Nusser) in which she starred with director Hanns Beck-Gaden. Then her film career ended abruptly. Because her voice did not suit the sound film? Because of the rise of the Nazis? Was she Jewish? Sadly, we could not find more information about Hilda Rosch on the net. If you know more about this beautiful actress, please share it with us.

Hilda Rosch
French postcard by Europe, no. 484. Photo: Super Film.

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