30 March 2012

Yvonne de Fleuriel

Italian Yvonne De Fleuriel (1889 - 1963) was a singer and actress of variety and silent films. She was very popular during the Belle Epoque.

Yvonne de Fleuriel
Italian postcard, no. 124. Collection: Didier Hanson.

Traditional Neapolitan Songs
Yvonne De Fleuriel was born as Adele Croce in Theano, Italy in 1889. At a young age, she made her stage debut as a ‘generic actress‘ in the company of Eduardo Scarpetta. In her early twenties, she met the actor Nicola Maldacea, who introduced her to the world of the chanson. He also suggested her to take the stage name of Yvonne De Fleuriel. The beautiful singer became popular among the public, when she performed in the best-known café-concerts in Naples. She was now one of the most famous Italian singers. She interpreted the traditional Neapolitan songs, most of them written by Giovanni Capurro, Rocco Galdieri and Gennaro Pasquariello. Among the best known songs of De Fleuriel were Nini and Girala la rota (Turn the wheel), both from 1908 and written by Luigi Mattiello.

Soava Gallone
Soava Gallone. Italian postcard by G.B. Falci, Milano. Photo: Soava Gallone in La cavalcata ardente (Carmine Gallone 1925).

Poor and Lonely
In 1915, the beautiful Yvonne De Fleuriel began her cinema career with the film 120 HP (1915, Augusto Genina) by Napoli Film. Later she played lead roles in such films as Il veleno del piacere/The poison of pleasure (1918, Gennaro Righelli) with Diomira Jacobini, La modella di Tiziano/Titian's model (1921, Paolo Trinchera) and La madre folle/The Crazy Mother (1923, Carmine Gallone) with Soava Gallone and Arnold Kent (aka Lido Manetti). Because of the crisis of the Italian cinema in the 1920’s, she moved to Germany. She had lost her famous physical beauty by then and only found work as an extra. In the following years, she returned to Italy, where she fell into disgrace. She settled in Rome, the city where she lived the last years of her life, poor and lonely. Forgotten, Yvonne de Fleuriel passed away in 1963 in Rome. She was 74.

Arnold Kent
Arnold Kent. German postcard by Ross Verlag, no. 3382/1, 1928-1929. Sent by mail in the Netherlands in 1929. Photo: Paramount.

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