22 November 2011

Mara Lane

British-Austrian actress Mara Lane (1930) was considered one of the most beautiful models in Great Britain during the early 1950’s. She appeared in more than 30 English and German language films of the 1950’s and early 1960’s, but she seems completely forgotten now.

Mara Lane
German postcard by Krüger, no. 902/58.

Mara Lane
German postcard by Kolibri-Verlag G.m.bH., Minden-Westf., no. 1828.

Cover Model
Mara Lane was born as Dorothy Lane Bolton in 1930, in Vienna, Austria. Her British father was a corporate executive; her mother was Russian. Her younger sister is actress Jacky Lane (aka Jocelyn Lane). In the early 1950’s Mara was a glamorous and very popular cover model in Great Britain. The Elizabeth Taylor-like beauty was soon also discovered for the cinema. In 1951 she made her film debut as a cafe singer in Hell Is Sold Out (1951, Michael Anderson) starring Mai Zetterling. Other small roles followed in the comedy Treasure Hunt (1952, John Paddy Carstairs) and in the comedy-drama Something Money Can't Buy (1952, Pat Jackson). Her first bigger part was in Decameron Nights (1953, Hugo Fregonese), a rather dull adaptation of Giovanni Boccaccio’s bawdy novel.

Mara Lane
German postcard by ISV, Sort. 16/6.

Mara Lane
German postcard by ISV, Sort. 17/6.

Sultry Femme Fatale
In 1954 Mara Lane appeared in Italy in La grande avventura/The Great Adventure (1954, Mario Pisu) with Gino Cervi. Later that year
she went to Hollywood, like her sister Jackie would do a few years later. There she was a popular and often photographed starlet. She played a supporting part in the comedy Susan Slept Here (1954, Frank Tashlin) and starred as a sultry femme fatale in Angela (1954, Edoardo Anton, Dennis O'Keefe). She married a petrol millionair from Texas, but left him after three years. She then returned to Europe to reprise her film career here.

Mara Lane
German postcard by Krüger, no. 902/68. Photo: Bernard of Hollywood.

Mara Lane
German postcard by Krüger, no. 902/406. Photo: Erwin Schneider.

Sexy Eye Candy
Mara Lane was mainly cast as sexy eye candy in European comedies like the Italian Le avventure di Giacomo Casanova/Sins of Casanova (1955, Steno), the French Bonsoir Paris (1956, Ralph Baum) with Dany Robin, and the German Der Fremdenführer von Lissabon/The Guide of Lisbon (1956, Hans Deppe) starring Vico Torriani. One of her better films was Monpti/Love From Paris (1957, Helmut Käutner), in which she supported Romy Schneider and Horst Buchholz. After that she appeared in more than a dozen European B-films, including German comedies, Italian peplum and a Spanish drama, but all of no interest. In 1965 Mara Lane retired and nowadays she lives in London. Her films are mostly forgotten now, but her pin-up pictures are still popular on the net.

Mara Lane
German postcard, no. 961.

Mara Lane
German postcard by ISV, Sort. 14/6.

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