24 December 2011

Mike Bongiorno

Mike Bongiorno (1924-2009) was an Italo-American journalist and television host. For the history of Italian television he has been an institution as Italy’s famous quiz master between the 1950s to the 1980s. Il Re del Quiz (The Quiz King) played himself in various films too.

Mike Bongiorno in Totò lascia o raddoppia
Italian postcard. Photo: publicity still for Totò lascia o raddoppia.

Michael Nicholas Salvatore Bongiorno was born 26 May 1924 in New York. He was of Italo-American descent, his paternal grandfather being a merchant who emigrated from Mezzojuso in Sicily. While he was a child his parents divorced and his mother took him to her hometown Turin, where he visited college. All his life he remained a fan of Juventus, Turin’s soccer club. During the Second World War he was not mobilised thanks to his American nationality. He dropped his studies and joined the Italian resistance as a go-between for the Italian partisans and the Allies in Switzerland. He was captured and escaped execution because of his American passport, but stayed in for six months at the San Vittore prison of Milan, and was then deported to a German concentration camp. Early 1945 he was liberated even before the war had ended, thanks to an exchange between war prisoners. He returned to New York and in 1946 he started to work at the radio headquarters of Il progresso italo-americano (The Italian-American progress) newspaper. Bongiorno established himself in Italy in 1952. There he became the most popular television host form the earliest days of the medium on, working for the national public broadcasting company RAI, and starting with the programme Arrivi e partenze (1953, Arrivals and Departures). In the mid-1950's Bongiorno acted in various films. First in Luigi Zampa’s comedy Ragazze d'oggi/Girls of Today (1955), starring Marisa Allasio. In the same year Bongiorno re-enacted himself in the comedy Il motive in maschera/Reason masked (1955, Stefano Canzio), based on Bongiorno’s popular homonymous radio show in which the contestants have to recognize a popular tune disguised as a classical one. Next followed a lead in Guido Malatesta’s comedy I milliardari/The billionaires (1956), and a part in the film Il prezzo della gloria/The price of glory (1956, Antonio Musu), starring Gabriele Ferzetti, and shot in the province of Puglia, in South-East Italy. Bongiorno acted in a scene shot at Taranto, where his character has car trouble. In the 1950's Bongiorno also appeared in several ‘fotoromanzi’.

Mike Bongiorno and Marisa Allasio in Ragazze d'oggi (1955)
Italian postcard. Photo: publicity still for Ragazze d'oggi (1955) with Marisa Allasio.

From 1955 to 1959 Mike Bongiorno ran the first Italian television quiz Lascia o raddoppia?, based on the French Quitte ou double?, which again was based on the American quiz The $64,000 Question. Buongorno became Italy’s quiz master ‘par excellence’. Italian writer and semiologist Umberto Eco even dedicated a famous essay to him: Fenomenologia di Mike Bongiorno/Phenomenology of Mike Bongiorno (1963). This also affected Bongiorno’s film acting, who from the 1950's on was seen as a quiz master in Totò lascia o raddoppia?/Totò, double or nothing? (1958, Camillo Mastrocinque) with Totò, Giudizio universale (1961, Vittorio De Sica) with Vittorio Gassman, Fernandel and Alberto Sordi, C'eravamo tanto amati (1974, Ettore Scola) – in which one of the characters (played by Stefano Satta Flores) is a candidate in Lascia o raddoppia, Sogni mostruosamente proibiti (1982) with Alida Valli, and Eccezzziunale… veramente (1982) with Sandrelli. After Lascia o raddoppia followed the quizzes Campanile sera (1959-1962, Bell Tower Evening), La fiera dei sogni (1962–1965, Dream Fair) and Rischiatutto (1970-1974, Jeopardy!). With 20 to 30 million watchers every Thursday night, Rischiatutto had the highest audience in the history of Italian TV. From 1963 on Bongiorno also presented the Festival of San Remo for over a decade. In 1979 Buongiorno presented his first show for commercial television: I sogni nel cassetto (The dreams in the drawer), produced by Telemilano, which later became Canale 5. His last RAI quiz show was Flash (1980/1982), after which he completely moved over to Mediaset, the television group of Silvio Berlusconi. Afterwards followed Telequiz Bis (1981) Superflash (1982), Pentathlon (1985), Telemike (1987) and La ruota della fortuna (1989, Wheel of Fortune). In 2000 he co-presented the animal programme Qua la zampa. For the Retequattro channel he presented two quizzes for youngsters: Genius and Il migliore (The Best). Bongiorno was married three times and was rewarded with a doctorate honoris causa at the university IULM of Milan in August 2007. For decades Mike Bongiorno, who always opened his programmes with his famous "Allegria!" (Cheers!), was known everywhere. Also known were his problems with finding the right quiz papers, his endearing old-fashioned Italian, but also his rages against technicians and candidates during his shows, even in live recordings. His mistakes were proverbial, in particular during La ruota della fortuna. During one quiz he asked who was this Mr. Paolovi? Meant was Paolo VI (pope Paul VI). Imitation and parody resulted in maliciously changing his "Allegria!" in "Allergia!" (allergy). Bongorno was nicknamed 'SuperMike' and 'Telemike'. Even if he lived in Italy for most of his life, he kept his American nationality until he turned 79. Mike Bongiorno died of a heart attack in 2009 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. He was married with Daniela Zuccoli, and they had 3 children. Their son Michele Bongiorno (1973) is a television producer, and their second son Nicolò Bongiorno (1976) is s director of documentaries.

Totò and Mike Bongiorno in Totò lascia o raddoppia?/Totò, double or nothing? (1958). Source: DannyXR_E_P (YouTube).

A fan's tribute to Mike Bongiorno. Source: Enzo Livero (YouTube).

Sources: Wikipedia (English, Italian and French), and IMDb.


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