10 February 2012

Manfred Schnelldorfer

Former German Schlager singer and film actor Manfred Schnelldorfer (1943) started out as a figure skater, who became both World and Olympic champion in 1964.

Manfred Schnelldorfer, Sjouke Dijkstra
Dutch promotion card for Brio, no. BRI 434, 1964. Photo: Manfred Schnelldorfer kisses Dutch champion Sjoukje Dijkstra.

Olympic champion
Manfred Schnelldorfer was born in München (Munich), Germany in 1943. He won his first competition at the age of eight. The highlight of his career was becoming Olympic champion in 1964 in Innsbruck. In all, Schnelldorfer was an eight-time German champion, one-time World champion (1964), three-time bronze and two-time silver medalist at the Europeans. After his amateur career he turned professional and worked with an ice show for four years.

Manfred Schnelldorfer
German postcard by ISV, no. K 38. Photo: E. Schneider.

Manfred Schnelldorfer
German postcard by ISV, no. K 31. Photo E. Schneider.

During the 1960’s, Manfred Schnelldorfer also was a Schlagersänger and film actor to finance his architecture studies. He sang and acted in light entertainment films like Holiday in St. Tropez (1964, Ernst Hofbauer) with Vivi Bach and Ann Smyrner, Ich kauf' mir lieber einen Tirolerhut/I prefer to buy a Tiroler hat (1965, Hans Billian) with Hannelore Auer and Gus Backus, Tausend Takte Übermut/Thousand takts high spirits (1965, Ernst Hofbauer) with Vivi Bach and Rex Gildo, and Spukschloß im Salzkammergut/The Haunted Castle in Salzkammergut (1966, Hans Billian, Rolf Olsen) with Udo Jürgens. After that he became a coach and sports teacher. He was the first national coach of West Germany for figure skating (Eiskunstlauf-Bundestrainer) between 1974 and 1981. Between 1981 and 1999 he owned his own sport shop and was a co-commentator for TV station Eurosport. Since then he works as a photographer. Manfred Schnelldorfer lives in Munich. He is married and has two children.

Campy clip in which Manfred Schnelldorfer sings Deine schönen blauen Augen (Your beautiful blue eyes) in Tausend Takte Übermut/Thousand takts high spirits (1965) for Gus Backus. Source: Fritz51210 (YouTube).

Manfred Schnelldorfer sings in the TV show of Wim Thoelke (1965) his 1964 hit Wenn Du mal allein bist (If you're alone sometimes). Source: SportStudio (YouTube).

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