27 March 2013

Guest post on Starland

Please check out Starland. Edited by my friend David - better known as Bunched Undies, Starland is is one of my favourite 'Stars in the Blogosphere'. David invited me for a guest post and I decided to write about the poster De vrouw met den blauwvos (The woman with the blue fox) for the film Der blaufuchs (1938, Victor Tourjansky) featuring Zarah Leander.

Vrouw met den blauwvos, 1938

Frans Mettes
This poster from the collection of the EYE Film Institute Netherlands in Amsterdam was created by Dutch artist and illustrator Frans Mettes. Gielijn Escher, Paul Mertz and I co-wrote a book on Mettes, Frans Mettes Affichevirtuoos (yes, in Dutch). It got very kind reviews in the Dutch newspapers De Volkskrant and Het Parool. This Friday, Starland will publish a review (in English) and a short interview with me about Frans Mettes Affichevirtuoos.

David, thank you!

Walter Slezak
Bob a.k.a. Paul van Yperen

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