24 November 2011

Catherine Franck

Blond and beautiful Catherine Franck was a French model who also had some success as a singer and appeared in a few films during the 1970s.

Catherine Franck
German postcard by Krüger, no. 902/339. Photo: Gérard Decaux.

Catherine Franck
French postcard by Publistar, no. 874. Photo: Bel Air.

The French Love

Catherine Franck (sometimes Frank) started her career as a model.

The beautiful blonde also was a French pop star in the mid-1960s and recorded such songs as C’est merveilleux (1964), Plus la meme (1964) and Je n’ai pas su me faire aimer (1965).

In 1972 she made her film debut in the erotic film The French Love (José Bénazéraf, 1972) as a sexy and liberated air hostess opposite former Western star Rod Cameron as an American journalist.

The following year she was one of the lead actors in the Spanish-French horror film El secreto de la momia egipcia/Le sang des autres/Love Brides of the Blood Mummy (Alejandro Martí aka Ken Ruder, 1973) with Teresa Gimpera. In his IMDb review, Steve Nyland writes: “a deservedly obscure ultra low budget attempt to make a vampire movie without a vampire”.

Her last film appearance was in a segment of the anthology film Chi dice donna, dice donna (Tonino Cervi, 1976) with Stéphane Audran and Giovanna Ralli.

Catherine Franck had a long relationship with Italian singer Gianni Nazzaro. During the 1980s, they recorded duets as C. & G. Nazzaro including Noi Due Soli (1985).

In the mid-1990s, Nazzaro left his wife Nada for her, but in 2006 Nazzaro reunited with his wife. Catherine Franck and Gianni Nazzaro have two children together: Mattia and David.

Catherine Franck sings Plus la meme (1964). Source: Soulman 5501 (YouTube).

C. & G. Nazzaro (Catherine Franck and Gianni Nazzaro) sing Noi Due Soli (1985). Source: Valerio Bellocco (YouTube)

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