22 June 2013

Rares from the collection of Didier Hanson

There are more amazing star postcards than I ever can show in this blog. More, many more untold stories to tell. Someone who keeps reminding me of that is Didier Hanson. Every week or so, he surprises me with scans of postcards I had never seen before. Or stars I had never heard of, but who were all working once in the European cinema. To give you an impression, here are eleven 'rares' from Didier's incredible collection.

Andrée Standard
Andrée Standard. French postcard by EC, no. 52. Collection: Didier Hanson.

Anita Berber
Anita Berber. German postcard by Rotophot in the Film Sterne series. Photo: Becker & Maass. Collection: Didier Hanson.

Bella Polini
Bella Polini. German postcard by Ross verlag, Berlin, no. 795/2, no. 1925-1926. Collection: Didier Hanson.

Else Böttcher, Vilma Conti
Else Bötticher, Vilma Conti. German postcard by BNK, no. 33.583/1. Caption: "Fuss-Tanz-Duett. So ein Damesfüsschen zierlich und klein. Die Tanzhusaren." Collection: Didier Hanson.

Ernst Lubitsch
Ernst Lubitsch. German postcard by Verlag Hermann Leiser, Berlin-Wilm., no. 1926. Photo: Fritz Richard. Collection: Didier Hanson.

Eta von Hajdu
Eta Hajdú. German postcard by Ross Verlag, no. 8260/1, 1933-1934. Photo: Angelo Photos / Phönix Film. Collection: Didier Hanson.

Hildegard Gajewska
Hildegard Gajewska. German postcard by Hartungs Künstlerkarte, Berlin, no. 1206. Collection: Didier Hanson.

Boeddha, de roeping van een koningszoon
Himansu Rai. German postcard by Ross Verlag, Berlin, no. 36/2. Photo: Emelka Konzern. Still from Prem Sanyas or Die Leuchte Asiens/The Light of Asia (Franz Osten, Himansu Rai, 1925). Collection: Didier Hanson.

Serge Lifar
Serge Lifar. French postcard no. 148. Photo: Studio Harcourt. Collection: Didier Hanson.

Valeska Gert
Valeska Gert. German card. Collection: Didier Hanson.

Veit Harlan
Veit Harlan. German postcard by Ross Verlag, no. 7753/1, 1935. Photo: Robertson, Berlin. Collection: Didier Hanson.

Thanks, Didier!

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