24 March 2015

Jole Ferrari

Italian starlet Jole Ferrari had a short career playing supporting parts in the Italian cinema of the 1930s and 1940s. Among her film are Alessandro Blasetti's Un'avventura di Salvator Rosa (1939), the opera adaptation L'elisir d'amore (1941) and the historical drama Luisa Sanfelice (1942).

Jole Ferrari
Italian postcard by ASER, no. 147. Photo: Luxardo.

Robin Hood, Neapolitan Style

In 1939, Jole Ferrari started her film career with a small part in the Swashbuckler Un' avventura di Salvator Rosa/An Adventure of Salvator Rosa (Alessandro Blasetti, 1939) starring Gino Cervi and Luise Ferida.

Gerald A. De Luca at IMDb: "Salvatore Rosa was a versatile poet and painter of landscapes and battles. His romantic life is the inspiration for this fictional tale of the masked hero, 'The Ant', Rosa's alter-ego, a friend and defender of the poor citizens of the Naples area who are oppressed by the evil viceroy. This is "Robin Hood, Neapolitan Style", and great fun."

Ferrari had another small part in Ricchezza senza domain/Wealth and no tomorrow (Ferdinando Maria Poggioli, 1940) with Lamberto Picasso, Paola Borboni and Doris Duranti.

She had a big supporting part in I pirati del golfo/Pirates of the Bay (Romolo Marcellini, 1940) opposite Andrea Checchi.

She had more supporting parts in L'elisir d'amore/The Elixir of Love (Amleto Palermi, 1941), based on the comic opera by Gaetano Donizetti, and in La famiglia Brambilla in vacanza/Brambilla family on vacation (Carl Boese, 1941) with dreamboat Massimo Girotti.

Jole Ferrari
Italian postcard by ASER, no. 152. Photo: Luxardo.

Jole Ferrari
Italian postcard by Rotante, no. 0024. Photo: Luxardo.

Princess Clementina

Her final film role was as the principessa Clementina in the historical drama film Luisa Sanfelice (Leo Menardi, 1942) featuring Laura Solari and also starring Massimo Serato and Osvaldo Valenti.

The film is an adaptation of a novel by Alexandre Dumas based on the story of Luisa Sanfelice (1764-1800) an Italian aristocrat executed in Naples by Ferdinand I for supporting a Republican attempt to overthrow him during the French Revolutionary Wars.

Luisa Sanfelice was made at the Cinecittà Studios in Rome. One of the film's screenwriters was Vittorio Mussolini, the son of dictator Benito Mussolini, who was heavily involved in the Italian film industry.

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Andrea Checchi
Andrea Checchi. Italian postcard by ASER (A. Scararamaglia Edizioni Roma).

Massimo Girotti
Massimo Girotti. Italian postcard by ASER (A. Scaramaglia Ed. Roma), no. 223. Photo: Ciolfi.

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