07 June 2016

Marie Bizet

French singer and actress Marie Bizet (1905-1998) appeared in a dozen films between 1937 and 1989. She was better known for her performances in Vaudeville.

Marie Bizet
French postcard by Editions P.I., Paris, no. 79. Photo: Studio Carlet Ainé.

Douglas Sirk

Marie Bizet was born Germaine Marie Madeleine Prévost in 1905 in Paris, France.

In 1936 she played in the stage operetta Ignace with Fernandel with whom she sang the duet Redis-le me.

The following year, she made her film debut in the Ufa production La chanson du souvenir/The song of remembrance (1937), directed by Serge de Poligny and German director Detlef Sierck, who later became known in Hollywood as Douglas Sirk.

She then appeared opposite Tino Rossi in the musical Lumières de Paris/Lights of Paris (Richard Pottier, 1938) and opposite Guy Berry in Chantons quand même/Sing anyway (Piere Caron, 1940).

In Vaudeville she had success with the songs L' Hotel des Trois Canards and Rythme et Swing.

Marie Bizet
French postcard, no. 84. Photo: Studio Carlet Ainé.

Marie Bizet
French postcard by Editions P.I., Paris, no. 151. Photo: Studio Carlet Ainé.

Gilbert Bécaud

During the 1940s Marie Bizet appeared in handful of films, including Faut ce qu'il faut/Should you need (René Pujol, 1946) and the comedy Les trois cousines/The three cousins (Jacques Daniel-Norman, 1947) with Rellys and Andrex.

In Italy, she played in I due derelitti/The two derelicts (Flavio Calzavara, 1951), starring Massimo Serrato.

In the early 1950s she performed on stage accompanied by pianist Gilbert Bécaud who also composed song for her.

In Her final feature film was Paris Music Hall (Stany Cordier 1957), starring Charles Aznavour.

In 1980, she celebrated her 75th anniversary by giving a recital at the Saint-Martin theatre. In the 1980s she appeared in such TV films as Les soeurs du Nord/The Sisters of the North (Joël Santoni, 1989) with Alexandra Stewart.

Marie Bizet died in 1998 in Couilly-Pont-aux-Dames, France. She was 93.

Marie Bizet sings J'y vas t'y, j'y vas t'y pas. Source: Jean Marbach (YouTube).

Marie Bizet sings Rythme et Swing. Source: Jean Florenzano (YouTube).

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