08 September 2012

The Choice of Didier Hanson

Yes I know, you've read it here before: not every postcard at European Film Star Postcards is from my own collection. A friend who shares - and shares - gently numerous scans from his superb collection is Didier Hanson from Belgium. His collection is simply incredible. It contains so many rare postcards from the silent period. Today we proudly present you his choice of his 10 favorite postcards, but like Didier writes: "This list is not listed by preference; and the list could be different next week, even next day....."

Vera Voronina
Vera Voronina. Austrian postcard by Iris Verlag, no. 5624. Photo: D'Ora (Dora Kallmus), Arthur Benda.

Helena Makowska
Helena Makowska. German postcard by Ross Verlag, no. 758/1, 1925-1926. Photo: Alex Binder.
Didier Hanson: "Two rare russian actresses, rather obscure. Very little is known about them. The pictures are superb,and that makes them really interesting."

Karl Huszar Puffy
Karl Huszár-Puffy. Vintage postcard by Verlag Hartiq, no. 576. Photo: Hartiq.
"Nice smiling face of an unfortunate hungarian actor.He could have been the next Fatty,if..."

Inez van Bree
Inez van Bree. German postcard by Ross, Berlin, no 1581/1, 1927-1928.
"Not only the picture is superb and ahead of its time,but her life is rather enigmatic, therefore intriguing and interesting."

Gaby Deslys
Gaby Deslys. British postcard by Rotary Photo, no. 11843 Q. Photo: Talbot, Paris.
"Megastar in her time, sweetheart of kings and wealthy men, this picture is incredible. Look at the furs and hat; splendid and impossible to reproduce today!"

Conrad Veidt, 3
Conrad Veidt. German postcard by Ross Verlag, no 1110/1, 1927-1928.
"I selected this one at random,any card of him is interesting. His unique face and posture, besides his acting, have made of him a unique actor.

Béla Lugosi.
Béla Lugosi. Hungarian postcard. Photo: Angelo, Budapest.
"Bela, Bela, Bela!! This card is a super rare one, and represents him as a young aspiring actor, far from the Count D.; Signed too... My card has been used on a multitude of sites, posts, blogs and so on. A gem... Angelo photo."

Erich von Stroheim
Erich von Stroheim. French postcard by Viny, no. 92. Photo: Milo Films.
"Incredible photo, and actor, who rewrote his own life in his own terms. No, he was not an aristocrat, but a Jewish bourgeois. And more, he became to believe his own stories. Unique actor, so hieratically photogenic. I like him a lot."

Lily Damita, 1
Lily Damita. German postcard by Ross verlag, no. 4767/1, 1929-1930. Photo: Alex Binder, Berlin.
"See the card. She was certainly one of the most beautiful women of the time, if not a great actress."

Genia Nikolaieva
Genia Nikolaieva. German postcard by Ross Verlag, no. 7317/1, 1932-1933. Photo: Atelier Marion, Berlin.
"Russian born actress, began a wonderful career. Goebbels gave her his go to work despite her origins, but she decided to emigrate to the USA, following M. Dietrich's advice. Her accent was too strong, so she became one of the most beautiful secretaries at Warner. How can you be indifferent to such an adventurous (and long) life?"

Didier concludes: "I would have add Ludwig Trautmann, I like him very much, but let's stick to ten....Besides the darlings La Jana And Lya of course!"

Thanks, Didier!

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