10 January 2013

Marina Orschel

German beauty queen and actress Marina Orschel (1937) was Vice-Miss Universe in 1956. She also appeared in half a dozen light entertainment films of the late 1950’s.

Marina Orschel
German postcard by IRMA-Verlag, Stuttgart, no. 1385. Photo: Berolina / Herzog-Film / Wesel.

Miss Photogenic
Marina Orschel was born in Berlin, Germany in 1937. While she was attending grammar school and ballet lessons, she was chosen Miss Neue Welt in 1955. In 1956 followed the titles Miss Berlin and Miss Germany 1956 in Baden-Baden. At the Miss Universe 1956 contest in Long Beach, USA, she was chosen Miss Photogenic and ended as the first runner-up to Carol Morris of the US. Marina reportedly excelled at the intelligence test when she recited Homer’s Odyssey in old Greek.

Marina Orschel
German postcard by Rüdel-Verlag, Hamburg-Bergedorf, no. 2207. Photo: Zeyn / Deutsche Film Hansa (DFH) / Lilo. Publicity still for Träume von der Südsee/Dreams of the Southsea (1957).

In the second half of the 1950’s Marina Orschel appeared in six films. She made her film debut with a small part in the comedy Das Sonntagskind/The Sunday's child (1956, Kurt Meisel) starring Heinz Rühmann. The following year she made three films. In the American Film-Noir The Tattered Dress (1957, Jack Arnold), starring Jeff Chandler and Jeanne Crain, she played a decorative bit part. She starred opposite Vico Torriani and Mady Rahl in the German musical comedy Träume von der Südsee/Dreams of the Southsea (1957, Harald Philipp), and played a supporting part in Eine verrückte Familie/A Crazy Family (1957, Harald Philipp) with Paul Dahlke and Hans Moser. In 1958 she made two more light entertainment films with director Harald Philipp. In the circus thriller Rivalen der Manege/Bimbo the Great (1958, Harald Philipp) she played the late wife of Claus Holm. For the American release her name was anglicized to Maryanne Shields. Her last film was the biography Der Czardas-König/The Csardas Princess (1958, Harald Philipp) with Rudolf Schock and Gerhard Riedmann as operetta composer Emmerich Kalman. In 1963 Marina Orschel played a supporting part in the TV film Bezauberndes Fräulein/Magical Miss (1963, Paul Martin).

Rudolf Schock
Rudolf Schock. German postcard by Kolibri-Verlag G.m.b.H., Minden/Westf., no. 1638. Photo: Berolina / Herzog-Film / Wesel. Publicity still for Der fröhliche Wanderer/The Happy Wanderer (1955, Hans Quest).

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