23 February 2013

Césars for Riva, Trintignant and Haneke!

At the eve of her 86th birthday, Emmanuelle Riva has been awarded with the César 2013 for Best Actress for her role in Amour (2012, Michael Haneke). Her co-star Jean-Louis Trintignant has been awarded with the César 2013 for Best Actor. Felicitations!

Congratulations Jean-Louis Trintignant!.
Jean-Louis Trintignant. French postcard by Edition P.I., Paris, no. 1129. Photo: J.L. Castelli.

Césars 2013
Amour was the big winner during the César cermonies tonight. The film also won the César awards for Best Picture and for Best Director. The César for Best Supporting Actress did not go to Isabelle Huppert for her part in Amour. Valérie Benguigui won the prize for Le Prénom (2012, Alexandre de La Patellière, Matthieu Delaporte).

Congratulations Emmanuelle Riva!
Emmanuelle Riva. Romanian postcard by Casa Filmului Acin, no. 177.

French actress Emmanuelle Riva (1927) is best known for her roles in the films Hiroshima mon amour (1959), Léon Morin, Priest (1961), and Amour (2012). This year, Riva already received the BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her role in Amour, and she is also nominated for an Academy Award - the oldest actress ever to have been nominated for the Oscar for Best Actress.

Jean-Louis Trintignant
Jean-Louis Trintignant. French postcard by Editions du Globe (E.D.U.G.), Paris, no. 608. Photo: Sam Lévin.

Jean-Louis Trintignant (1930) is one of the most gifted French actors of the post-war era. He starred in more than 100 films and enjoyed international acclaim with films like Et Dieu... créa la femme/And God Created Woman (1956), Un homme et une femme/A Man And A Woman (1966), Z (1969) and Il Conformista/The Conformist (1970). He showed a special talent for dark characters like murderers or jealous husbands, and won several awards for it.

Jean-Louis Trintignant
Jean-Louis Trintignant. Spanish postcard by Oscarcolor, no. 293.

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