05 June 2015

Luisa Rivelli

Sexy film actress Luisa Rivelli (1930) played many secondary roles in the Italian cinema. She appeared in 50 films between 1943 and 1994 and she was also often seen on Italian television.

Luisa Rivelli
Italian postcard by Bromostampa, Milano, no. 193.

Spaghetti Westerns

Luisa Rivelli was born as Rossella Lanfranchi in Ternate in Lombardy, Italy, in 1930. She studied at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome.

Rivelli played supporting parts in films like the Italian comedy Non è mai troppo tardi/It's Never Too Late (Filippo Walter Ratti. 1953), based on the novel A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, La signora senza camelie/Camille Without Camelias (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1953), and La legge/The Law (Jules Dassin, 1959) starring Gina Lollobrigida.

During the 1960s followed roles in films like the comedy Io, io, io... e gli altri/Me, Me, Me... and the Others (Alessandro Blasetti, 1966) and the Spaghetti Westerns La resa dei conti/The big gundown (Sergio Sollima, 1966) with Lee van Cleef and La belva/Rough Justice (Mario Costa, 1970) starring Klaus Kinski.

In 1968, she presented the popular Sanremo festival, together with Pippo Baudo. From the 1970s on, she became a well known TV personality. She presented programs such as Io compro, tu compri/I buy, you buy (1970-1973), Filo diretto: dalla parte del consumatore (1975-1980), and I problemi del signor Rossi (1981-1985).

Trailer La resa dei conti/The big gundown (Sergio Sollima, 1966). Source: chikungfu (Daily Motion).

Trailer Silenzio: Si uccide/Handle with Care (Guido Zurli, 1967). Source: Italo-Cinema Trailer (YouTube).

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