25 June 2013

Rosalina Neri

Sorry! Earlier, I mixed up gorgeous Italian singer and actress Rosalina Neri (1927 or 1934?) with another gorgeous Italian actress, Rosalba Neri. But, the information on the net about Rosalina is confusing. The actress on the postcards was called 'the Italian Marilyn Monroe' in the 1950s. But is she the same person as the singer who performed at the Scala in Milan? I wonder. Here's the information I could find about Ms. Neri. Rosalina that is.

Rosalba Neri
Italian postcard by Rotalfoto, no. 420.

Penguins Watch Us
Rosalina Neri was born in Arcisate, Italy. According to Italian Wikipedia she was born in 1934. But another Italian site, MyMovies, writes that 1927 is her birth year. According to Wikipedia, she began her film career in I Pinguini ci guardano/The Penguins Watch Us (Guido Leone, 1955) with Aldo Fabrizi and Anna Magnani. (IMDb writes that it was Rosalba Neri, using Rosalina as a pseudonym). In the film animals in a zoo watch the people around them and reveal interesting, human thoughts. In the following years, she appeared in films like Vivendo, cantando che male ti fo? (Marino Girolami, 1957) and Lazzarella (Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia, 1957). Rosalina had a good soprano voice, and began her singing career on an Italian TV show with Marcello Marchesi titled Invito al sorriso (Invitation To Smile). She then appeared in the musical comedy Tobias Candida Spia (Tobias Candida Spy) with Renato Rascel. She participated in various musical shows on British and American television. In Great Britain, The Rosalina Neri Show aired weekly on ITV for four years. In Italy, she sang at the Teatro alla Scala, the Piccola Scala in Milan and in several other Italian theatres. She sang the role of Mimi in La bohème by Giacomo Puccini at least 120 times. In her stage performances she worked both as an actress and as a singer. In the 1980s she started to work with opera director Giorgio Strehler at the Piccolo in Milan for a long series of performances.

Rosalba Neri
Italian postcard by Bromostampa, Milano, no. 201.

Grandmother Wanda
Since the 1990s, Rosalina Neri regularly appeared in films and on television again. In 1991, she played both in the comedy  Faccione (Christian De Sica, 1991) and in La casa del sorriso/The House of Smiles (Marco Ferreri, 1991) with Ingrid Thulin. From 1999 to 2004 he starred in the sitcom Finalmente soli/Finally alone with Gerry Scotti and Maria Amelia Monti. She played the role of grandmother Wanda. She played this role again in the sequels, Finalmente Natale/Last Christmas (Rossella Izzo, 2007), Finalmente a casa/Finally at home (Gianfrancesco Lazotti, 2008) and
Finalmente una favola/Finally a fairy tale (Gianfrancesco Lazotti, 2008). In 2010, she could be seen on the stage of the Teatro Manzoni in the Davide Van de Sfroos Show, with singer Laghee. Rosalina Neri's most recent film is Ci vuole un gran fisico/It takes a great body (Sophie Chiarello, 2013) with Angela Finocchiaro.

Rosalina Neri in the Davide Van de Sfroos Show. Source: Marina Cauboi (YouTube).

Sources: MyMovies (Italian), Wikipedia (Italian) and IMDb (about Rosalba Neri) and IMDb (about Rosalina Neri). Thanks, Marlene Pilaete!

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