11 June 2008

Sophia Loren

This postcard of Sophia Loren (1934) is our most popular filmcard on Flickr (minus one...). Today it has been viewed 1343 times.

Sophia Loren
German postcard by Kruger, no. 902/304. Photo: Georg Michalke.

La donna del fiume

Photographer Georg Michalke made this picture of La Loren for her 32nd Italian film, La donna del fiume (Mario Soldati. 1955).

Sophia played peasant girl Nives, who is deserted by smuggler Gino Lodi (Rik Battaglia). She betrays him to the police, but Gino escapes from prison.

Police officer Enzo Cinti (Gérard Oury), who loves Nives, traces her to the Po River cane-fields, where she is working as a cutter to support herself and an infant son, to warn her that Gino is seeking revenge.

La donna del fiume sounds like a rip-off of Riso Amaro (Giuseppe De Santis, 1949), but who cares? Sophia Loren in tank top and hotpants is promising enough.

Source: IMDb.

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