17 October 2011

Birgit Bergen

German actress and media personality Birgit Bergen (1938) is well known in her homecountry for her performances in several sex films and as a 'Schickerialady' at Munich Events.

Birgit Bergen
Dutch postcard by P. Moorlang, Heerlen, Sort. 16/6.

Nude Blonde

Birgit Bergen was born in 1938 in Kiel. She was the daughter of a bailiff. From 1958 on she appeared in films and on TV - mostly in secondary roles.

Among her first films were Nackt, wie Gott sie schuf/Naked Like God Created Her (Hans Schott-Schöbinger, 1958) featuring Italian sex symbol Marisa Allasio, Lass mich am Sonntag nicht allein/Don’t Leave me Alone On Sunday (Arthur Maria Rabenalt, 1959) with Heidi Brühl, and Lebensborn/Ordered to Love (Werner Klingler, 1961) starring Maria Perschy.

Bergen also appeared in international productions like the adventure film Maciste contro i mostri/Colossus of the Stone Age (Guido Malatesta, 1962) as a nude blonde, or Les saintes nitouches/Wild Living (Pierre Montazel, 1963) in an uncredited part.

In Germany she played small parts in the comedy Bei Pichler stimmt die Kasse nicht/Pichler's Books Are Not in Order (Hans Quest, 1961) with Theo Lingen, and in one of the many Edgar Wallace crime films of the 1960s, Der Würger vom Tower/Strangler of the Tower (Hans Mehringer, 1966) featuring Ellen Schwiers.

On TV Bergen appeared briefly as a street prostitute in an episode of the popular Krimi series Der Kommissar/The Commissioner (1969) starring Erik Ode.

Birgit Bergen
German postcard by ISV, Sort 8/6.

Birgit Bergen
German postcard by ISV, Sort 8/6.

Sex Wave

In the early 1970s, Birgit Bergen became very busy during the sex wave of the German cinema. She often appeared as the good-time girl or the unfaithful wife in Lederhosefilms (rural sex comedies).

These productions had such titles as Laß jucken, Kumpel!/Allow to itch, mate! (Franz Marischka, 1972), Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhose/Love greetings from the leather trousers (Jürgen Enz, 1973) and Junge Mädchen mögen's heiß, Hausfrauen noch heißer/Young girls like it hot, housewives still hotter (Eberhard Schröder, 1973).

She also appeared in such politically incorrect sex crap as Eine Armee Gretchen/She Devils of the SS (Erwin C. Dietrich, 1973).

Later she played in non-sex films like Johnny West (Roald Koller, 1977). Her last film role was a small part in the action film Brass Target (John Hough, 1978), starring Sophia Loren. In 1991 she made a guest appearance on the TV series Ehen vor Gericht/Marriages in Court.

Since then Birgit Bergen stays regularly fodder for the boulevard press because of her facefifts or because of her dubious friendships. As a media personality she is a regular guest at marketing events in Munich.

Birgit Bergen
German postcard by Filmbilder-Vertrieb Ernst Freihoff, Essen, no. 736. Retail price: 10 Pfg. Photo: Erwin Schneider.

Birgit Bergen
German postcard by Filmbilder-Vertrieb Ernst Freihoff, Essen, no. 758. Retail price: 10 Pfg. Photo: Erwin Schneider.

Source: Wikipedia (German) and IMDb.

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