05 May 2012

Dagmar Hank

Beautiful German starlet Dagmar Hank (1944) appeared in some films and TV series of the early 1960’s, mostly in supporting parts.

Dagmar Hank
German postcard by ISV, Sort. 12/6. Photo: E. Schneider.

Very Light Entertainment
Dagmar Hank was born in Germany in 1944. As a teenager, she began her screen career in a 1958 episode of the long running German TV series Sie schreiben mit/You write with (1958–1970). In the early 1960’s she had supporting parts in very light entertainment films as the comedy Die Post geht ab/The post goes out (1962, Helmuth M. Backhaus) starring Vivi Bach, Wochentags immer/Weekdays always (1963, Michael Burk) and Zwei blaue Vergissmeinnicht/Carnation Frank (1963, Helmuth M. Backhaus) starring Schlager idol Rex Gildo. Hank also had a small role in the interesting Erich Kästner adaptation Liebe will gelernt sein/Love must be learned (1963, Kurt Hoffmann) starring Martin Held and Barbara Rütting. She had a recurring role in the popular TV series Der Nachtkurier meldet.../The Evening Courier reports ... (1964–1965). Her last parts were in the TV films Dr. Murkes gesammelte Nachrufe/Dr. Murkes collected obituaries (1965, Rolf Hädrich) with Dieter Hildebrandt and Dieter Borsche, and Vor Nachbarn wird gewarnt/Is warned by neighbors (1965, Paul Verhoeven), a crime comedy with Ernst Stankovski. We could not find further information about Dagmar Hank at the internet. Do you have more information?

Kitschy scene with a schlager sung by Vivi Bach from Die Post geht ab/The post goes out (1962). Source: 240EHG (YouTube).

Another kitsch scene with another schlager sung by Rex Gildo from Zwei blaue Vergissmeinnicht/Carnation Frank (1963). Source: Fritz51203 (YouTube).

Leader of Liebe will gelernt sein/Love must be learned (1963). Design: Bele Bachem. Source: Filmkunstgrafik (YouTube).

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