29 November 2013

New: Geoffrey Donaldson Instituut

Today, a new film institute will open its doors: the Geoffrey Donaldson Instituut (GDI) in the little town of Noordscharwoude in the Netherlands.

The GDI will promote research of film production, film screening and film culture in the Netherlands. The archive contains a large collection of films, books, photos, posters and other objects.

The institute is named after the first film historian of the Netherlands, Geoffrey Donaldson (1929-2002). Chairman of the board of GDI is our friend, film historian Egbert Barten.

To join today's festivities we present you ten wonderful postcards of Egbert Barten's collection, which will now be part of the GDI collection.

Truus van Aalten
Truus van Aalten. German postcard by Ross Verlag, no. 3618, 1928-1929. Photo: Ufa. Collection: Egbert Barten.

Maurice Chevalier, Le petit Café
Maurice Chevalier. French postcard. Photo: Paramount. Publicity still for Le petit café/Playboy of Paris (Ludwig Berger, 1931). Collection: Egbert Barten.

Hansje Andriesen, De Big van het Regiment
Hansje Andriesen. Dutch postcard by Monopole Film N.V. Photo: Dick van Maarseveen. Still for De Big van het Regiment (Max Nosseck, 1935). Collection: Egbert Barten.

Ernst Winar
Ernst Winar. Vintage postcard, no. 988/1. Collection: Egbert Barten.

Henkie Klein
Henkie Klein. Dutch postcard by B. Brouwer, Amsterdam. Photo: Bernard Eilers, Amsterdam. Collection: Egbert Barten.

Lya Mara, An der schöne blauen Donau
Lya Mara. German postcard by Ross Verlag, no. 56/3, 1925-1926. Photo: Zelnik Film. Publicity still for An der schöne blauen Donau/The Beautiful Blue Danube (Friedrich Zelnik, 1926). Collection: Egbert Barten.

Jan van Ees, Esther de Boer-van Rijk, Op hoop van Zegen
Jan van Ees, Esther de Boer-van Rijk. Dutch postcard by M.B. & Z. (M. Bonnist & Zonen, Amsterdam). Photo: Dick van Maarseveen, Den Haag / M.H.D. Film. Publicity still for Op Hoop van Zegen (Alex Benno, Louis Saalborn, 1934). Collection Egbert Barten.

Lien Deyers
Lien Deyers. German postcard by Ross Verlag, no. 5315/1, 1930-1931. Photo: Ufa. Collection: Egbert Barten.

La Kermesse Heroique
Dutch postcard by Tobis filmdistributie N.V. Amsterdam. Photo: Tobis. Publicity still for La Kermesse Heroique (1935). Collection: Egbert Barten.

Millie Perkins,The Diary of Anne Frank
Dutch postcard by Uitg. Takken, Utrecht, no. AX 4026. Photo: 20th Century Fox. Publicity still for The Diary of Anne Frank (George Stevens, 1959) with Millie Perkins. Collection: Egbert Barten.

Egbert, congratulations with the Geoffrey Donaldson Instituut . You've done it!

Today, it's also Postcard Friendship Friday on the net. A weekly event in which postcard blogs present themselves. Start at Beth's blog with the great title The Best Hearts Are Crunchy, and enjoy some rare vintage postcards that are preserved on the net by bloggers like me.

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Beth Niquette said...

How wonderful! I've never viewed postcards in this type of venue before. I LOVE it! Thank you so much, Paul/Bob (grin) for joining us for PFF.

Have a lovely weekend, my Friend.