10 December 2014

Cecyl Tryan

French-born actress Cecyl Tryan (1897-?) had a prolific career in Italian silent cinema, from 1913 until the late 1920s, first at Cines, later also at companies like Gladiator Film and Fert.

Cecyl Tryan
Italian postcard by Ed. A. Traldi, Milano, no. 447.

The only actress with whom Maciste fraternised

Cecyl Tryan was born in Saint-Julien, France, in 1897.

She started out in the theatre, e.g. performing in Louis Aubert's La foret bleue (1913).

From 1913 until the late 1920s, she had a prolific career in the Italian silent cinema. First she worked at Cines in dramas such as Fior di male/Flower of Evil (Nino Oxilia, 1914) with Lyda Borelli and Ruggero Barni, but also in comedies with Kri Kri (Raymond Dandy).

While continuing at Cines, she also acted for companies like Gloria, Pasquali, Fulgor, and in particular for Gladiator Film, where she appeared in films directed by Giusepe De Liguoro.

She also had her own company, Cecyl Tryan Film, for which she made only one film: Il barcaiuolo d'Amalfi/The boatman of Amalfi (Telemaco Ruggeri, 1924) with Livio Pavanelli and herself. In those years, Ruggeri directed her in several films at various companies.

In the 1920s Tryan also acted in numerous films at Fert, including Il richiamo/The Recall (Gennaro Righelli, 1921) with Maria Jacobini and Lido Manetti, and Maciste contro lo sceicco/Maciste in Africa (Mario Camerini, 1926) featuring Bartolomeo Pagano. Supposedly she was the only actress with whom Bartolomeo Pagano fraternised, as he was not fond of the exalted stars.

Tryan also had a handful of small parts in 1930s Italian sound films, e.g. playing a Turin aristocrat in Cavalleria (Goffredo Alessandrini, 1936), starring Amedeo Nazzari and Elisa Cegani.

It is unknown when and where Cecyl Tryan died.

Cecyl Tryan in Maciste contro lo sceicco
Italian postcard by Ed. A. Traldi, Milano, no. 787. Photo: Pittaluga Films, Torino (Turin). Cecyl Tryan in the Fert production Maciste contro lo sceicco/Maciste in Africa (Mario Camerini, 1926). Tryan is the young girl whose tutor (Franz Sala) and his spendthrift mistress (Rita d'Harcourt) want to steal her inheritance, and sell her to a sheik. Aboard the ship she is menaced by the crew but a young sailor (Lido Manetti) and Maciste (Bartolomeo Pagano) rescue her. In the harbour the sheik manages to abduct the girl and place her in his harem, but Maciste and the young man use power and wits to liberate her, defeat the sheik and sail back to Italy to set things straight there too.

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