18 March 2017

A new gift from Tatiana

Last week again a letter arrived from the USA. It contained vintage material of Ukrainian-born silent film star Xenia Desni and of her beautiful daughter Tamara Desni. It was sent to me as a gift by their niece Tatiana, the daughter of Xenia's sister who now lives at the East Coast. Earlier she has sent us a package containing 39 Ross Verlag postcards, which she had collected as a little girl. Later, she found more private photos, studio stills and a flyer in her family archive and donated it all to European Film Star Postcards. This time it is mainly material of Tamara Desni (1910–2008), who started her stage and film career as a child in Berlin, and appeared in several British films during the 1930s and 1940s. We're honoured and grateful for this new gift, and so happy we can share this unique material today with you.

Tamara Desni, Xenia Desni
Photo of Tamara and Xenia Desni, ca. 1935.

Tamara Desni
Photo of Tamara Desni, ca. 1920.

Xenia and Tamara Desni
Photo of Xenia and Tamara having fun at the beach, early 1920s.

Tamara Desni
Photo of Tamara Desni by Otto Kurt Vogelsang, Berlin, 1930.

Tamara Desni
Photo of Tamara Desni as a young dancer, ca. 1930.

Tamara Desni and Edgar K. Bruce in For husbands only (1949)
British flyer by Ludo Press Ltd. for Palace Pier Theatre, Brighton, 1949. Photos: publicity stills for the play For Husbands Only by John Sibley and starring Edgar K. Bruce and Tamara Desni.

Thank you so much, Tatiana!

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summertime75 said...

What a generous gift,thank you for sharing them.