13 November 2017

We were at the International Collectors Fair

This Saturday, we visited the International Collectors Fair in Utrecht and we had a great time. 'De Verzamelaarsjaarbeurs' (the Dutch name) is one of the biggest vintage fairs in the world and located in five huge halls of the Jaarbeurs centre. There are more than 2000 participants who sell old records and Cd's, antiques, bric-a-brac and of course postcards. Here are 15 of Paul's acquisitions.

Adrienne Corri
Adrienne Corri. German postcard by Ufa, Berlin-Tempelhof, no. FK 1333. Photo: J. Arthur Rank Organisation. Publicity still for The Kidnappers (Philip Leacock, 1953).

Constance Dowling
Constance Dowling. Dutch postcard. Photo: Republic.

Der Bettelstudent (1931) with Hans Heinz Bollmann and Fritz Schulz
Hans Heinz Bollmann and Fritz Schulz. German postcard by Ross Verlag, no. 128/3. Photo: Aafa Film. Publicity still for Der Bettelstudent/The Beggar Student (Victor Janson, 1931).

Fatty Arbuckle
Fatty Arbuckle. British postcard in the Pictures Portrait Gallery series, London, no. 9/192.

Gary Oldman in True Romance (1993)
Gary Oldman. British postcard by Heroes Publishing Ltd, London, no. SPC 2788. Photo: publicity still for True Romance (Tony Scott, 1993).

Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins (1964)
Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. French postcard by Les Presses de Belleville, no.101. Photo: Walt Disney Productions. Publicity still for Mary Poppins (Robert Stevenson, 1964).

Lauren Bacall in The Big Sleep (1946)
Lauren Bacall. Dutch postcard. Photo: Warner Bros. Publicity still for The Big Sleep (Howard Hawks, 1946).

Michael Parks in Wild Seed (1965)
Michael Parks. Vintage American collectors card. Photo: Universal / Pennebaker. Publicity still for Wild Seed ( Brian G. Hutton, 1965).

Red Hot Chili Peppers in Amsterdam
Red Hot Chili Peppers in Amsterdam. British postcard by A Bigger Splash, Manchester, no. K 387. Promotion card for the album Taste the Pain.

Robert Woolsey and Esther Muir in So This Is Africa (1933)
Robert Woolsey and Esther Muir. British postcard in the Filmshots series by Film Weekly. Publicity still for So This Is Africa (Edward F. Cline, 1933).

Roberto Benzi
Roberto Benzi. French postcard. Photo: Raymond Voinquel, Paris.

Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin
Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. French autograph card.

't Schaep Met De 5 Pooten (1969-1970) with Piet Römer, Adèle Bloemendaal, Leen Jongewaard
Piet Römer, Adèle Bloemendaal and Leen Jongewaard. Dutch promotion card by Philips. Photo: publicity still of the Dutch TV series 't Schaep met de 5 Pooten/The Sheep with the five legs (Joes Odufré, 1969-1970).

Tamara Karsavina
Tamara Karsavina. German postcard by Ross Verlag, Berlin, no. 1275/1, 1927-1928. Photo: Apeda, N.Y. (Alexander W. Dreyfoos).

Walter Brennan
Walter Brennan. Dutch postcard.

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