30 July 2016

A word from the editor

July 2016 was an excellent month for EFSP. For the first time since May 2010 when we started counting, there were more than 90,000 pageviews in one month (to be precise 98,998 views). So, what can I say?


Your views encourage me to continue this blog. But to be honest, EFSP is a product of many people, and I sincerely want to salute them - here and now.

First, a salute to the people who once created these film star postcards: the photographers, the publishers, and the stars. Happily for us, there were also the fans who collected and preserved all these - now - vintage cards.

Since we started this blog in 2008, many of you supported EFSP in one way or another. Some people have sent me postcards or other memorabilia to share here. Like Tatiana from the US who donated me postcards, photos and a clipping on the silent, Ukrainian-born film star Xenia Desni and her daughter Tamara Desni. Xenia and Tamara were Tatiana's aunt and niece.

A bittersweet memory is the mail by the partner of that glamorous British film star of the 1960s. He asked for a correction about her age: she was much younger than EFSP mentioned! All our sources were wrong, she had told it him herself! Of course, we respectfully skipped that post from EFSP.

I also salute our friends at Flickr, like Manuel, Veronique, Asa, Gill, Miss Mertens, Greta-g, etc., who were so generous to allow us to share their postcards in this blog.

Others of you shared information with me, commented and followed EFSP critically. We love that! A mystery to me is Erhanizzet. This anonymous film fan helped me to identify dozens of the film stills on our postcards, but never identified himself - or herself - to me and never answers my mails...

Thanks for being a source of information!

Thanks for being a friend!

  • Didier Hanson, collector extraordinaire from Spain. Don't miss our post next Friday for some of his latest acquistions!
  • Marlene Pilaete, 'La collectionneuse' from Belgium, editor of the web's most beautiful film postcard site.
  • Egbert Barten of the Geoffrey Donaldson Institute. Check out our post about GDI's new acquisitions on 12 August.
  • Bunched Undies, for the best film reviews and recipees on the web.
  • Beth, keeper of the flame of Postcard Friendship Friday.
  • Ivo Blom, my partner in life and in passion for film history.

Walter Slezak

Greetings from Amsterdam!

Paul van Yperen a.k.a. Bob

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