06 June 2011

Linda Roméo

Sexy Linda Roméo was a starlet in a few French films of the late 1950s. She wanted to be the First Woman on the Moon.

Linda Roméo
German postcard by ISV, Sort III/6.

Interpol File

French actress Linda Roméo (or Linda Romeo) was born ca. 1936 in Paris from a Russian father and an Italian mother.

Before she was seen in a film a publicity stunt landed her in the newspapers. In October 1958 she had written a letter to the American president Eisenhower that she would like to be the first female astronaut to travel to the moon. She also wrote that she was an excellent licensed aviator and that the results of her cardiology tests were very good. Cheekily she added in her letter that her two male co-astronauts should also have excellent results for their cardiology tests.

Her cinema debut was in the French crime film Brigade des mœurs/Vice Squad (Maurice Boutel, 1959), based on an Interpol file. The leads were played by record producer Eddie Barclay, Colette Ripert and the singer Dalida. Roméo had only a supporting part.

That same year she appeared as a dancer in Enigme aux Folies-Bergère/The Enigma of the Folies-Bergere (Jean Mitry, 1959) starring Bella Darvi, Franck Villard, Armand Mestral and Dora Doll. The film, based on a policier by French crime writer Leo Malet, was directed by the famous film theorist Jean Mitry. Again Linda’s appearance was only a supporting part.

Dalida. German postcard by Krüger, no. 902/183. Photo: Ariola.

A Perverse Girl

Finally, Linda Roméo played a leading role in the French-Columbian drama À bride abattue/Full Tilt (1959), shot on location in Brazil and Venezuela.

The script about a ‘perverse girl’ was co-written by the well known French actor Amedée, who played a clochard in the film.

According to IMDb, the film was directed by Alphone Gimeno, but according to EncycloCiné Gimeno was the co-producer of the film (with Gloria Phillips, who was also the co-screenwriter) and Camilo Lopez was the director.

And another site, Mediafilm, names as well Lopez as Gimeno as director. Gimeno had also been the producer of Roméo‘s second film, Enigme aux Folies-Bergère.

After this leading part in À bride abattue, Linda Roméo’s film career was suddenly over. Who knows what happened with her?

1958 x 04 Robert Cohen AGIP Paris - Linda Romeo writes U.S. President Eisenhower to be first woman on moon - front
Linda Romeo writes U.S. President Eisenhower to be first woman on moon. Photo: Robert Cohen / AGIP Paris, 1958. Source: Blacque Jacques (Flickr).

Sources: Blacque Jacques (Flickr), EncycloCiné, Mediafilm and IMDb.



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