30 April 2014

Marina von Ditmar

German-Baltic theatre and film actress Marina von Ditmar (1914) was a popular film star of the Third Reich.

Marina von Ditmar
German postcard by Film-Foto-Verlag, no. G 145, 1941-1944. Photo: Tobis / Star-Foto-Atelier.


Marina von Ditmar was born in Petrograd (now St. Petersburg), Russia, in 1914. She came from Baltic nobility.

In the mid-1930s Marina started to work as an actress in the theatre and from 1937 till 1939 she performed e.g. at the Volksbühne in Berlin.

Simultaneously she began to work for the Ufa studio. There she appeared in films like the operetta Das Czardasfürstin/The Csardas Princess (Georg Jacoby, 1934) with Márta Eggerth and Hans Söhnker, the Molière adaptation Der eingebildete Kranke/The Imaginary Invalid (Detlef Sierck (later: Douglas Sirk), 1935) and the drama Stadt Anatol/The City of Anatol (Viktor Tourjansky, 1936) with Brigitte Horney.

During the Third Reich she played in several Nazi propaganda films, such as Legion Condor (Karl Ritter, 1939) with Paul Hartmann, and Stukas (Karl Ritter, 1941) as a French girl alongside Carl Raddatz.

A highlight was het part as the enchanting Sophie von Riedesel in the lavish, adult fairy tale Münchhausen/The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (Josef von Báky, 1943) featuring popular film star Hans Albers.

Marina von Ditmar
German postcard by Film-Foto-Verlag, no. A 2984/1, 1939-1940. Photo: Baumann / Ufa.

Marina von Ditmar
German postcard by Film-Foto-Verlag, no. A 3825/1, 1941-1944. Photo: Binz / Prag-Film.

Private Sanatorium

After the Second World War, Marina von Ditmar played only in a few more films. Her last films roles were supporting roles in the crime film Kronjuwelen/Crown Jewels (Frantisek Cáp, 1950) with Sybille Schmitz, and the comedy Mutter sein dagegen sehr (Viktor Tourjansky, 1951) featuring Ilse Werner.

In 1952 she finished her career, and completely withdrew from the spotlights.

She married doctor Hans-Georg Dehnhardt, chief doctor and owner of sanatorium Kurländer Haus in Bad Kissingen. Thanks to their personal contacts in the Beau Monde, the couple could receive in the following decades, many prominent guests in his private sanatorium.

Guests included the Thai royal couple Bhumibol and Sirikit Adulyadej and Federal President Heinrich Lübke and his wife.

Hans-Georg Dehnhardt died in 2001, but Marina Dehnhardt still lives in Bad Kissingen.

Marina von Ditmar
German postcard by Film-Foto-Verlag, no. A 3622/1, 1941-1944. Photo: Baumann / Ufa.

Source: Stephanie D’heil (Steffi-line) (German), Wikipedia (German), and IMDb.

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