04 August 2019

Danièle Parola

Danièle Parola (1905-1998) was a French film actress, who starred in the crime film Stupéfiants/Narcotics (1932). Between 1928 and 1937, she appeared in some 20 films.

Danièle Parola in Stupéfiants (1932)
German postcard by Ross Verlag, no. 7133/1, 1932-1933. Photo: Ufa. Danièle Parola in Stupéfiants/Narcotics (Kurt Gerron, Roger Le Bon, 1932).

Danièle Parola
French postcard by EC, no. 56. Photo: Russell Ball.

Danièle Parola
French postcard by Edition Chantal, Paris, no. 2065. Photo: Studio Rudolph, Paris.

A singer addicted to drugs

Danièle Parola was born as Yvonne Canale-Parola in 1905 in Paris, France.

The pretty blonde began her career on stage from 1918 on. The following years, she could be seen in the theatres or in the popular revues by Rip, the singer and revue creator Georges Gabriel Thenon.

In 1927 she married actor and producer André Daven. 

One of her first films was the silent La danseuse Orchidée/The Orchid Dancer (Léonce Perret, 1928) starring Louise Lagrange and Ricardo Cortez. With Suzy Vernon, she co-starred in Paris' Girls (Henry Roussel, 1929).

Then she moved to Berlin to play in the romance Delikatessen/Delicatessen (Géza von Bolváry, 1930) starring Harry Liedtke and Ernö Verebes.

For Paramount Pictures, Parola appeared opposite Enrique Rivero in Dans une île perdue/On a lost island (Alberto Cavalcanti, 1931), an alternative language version of the American film Dangerous Paradise (William A. Wellman, 1930) with Nancy Carroll and Richard Arlen.

She also played a singer, who becomes addicted to drugs in the drama Stupéfiants/Narcotics (Kurt Gerron, Roger Le Bon, 1932) starring Jean Murat, and produced by the Ufa. It is the French-language version of the German film Der weiße Dämon/The White Demon (Kurt Gerron, 1932), starring Hans Albers en Gerda Maurus.

Parola again played opposite Jean Murat in the drama Le dernier choc/The Last Blow (Jacques de Baroncelli, 1932).

Danièle Parola
French postcard by A.N., Paris, no. 600. Photo: Paramount.

Danièle Parola
Belgian postcard. S.A. Cacao et Chocolat Kivou, Vilvoorde / N.V. Cacao en Chocolade Kivou, Vilvoorde.

Directed by Ernst Lubitsch

Danièle Parola was directed by Ernst Lubitsch in La Veuve joyeuse/The Merry Widow (1934). It is the French-language version of Lubitsch's famous American film operetta The Merry Widow (Ernst Lubitsch, 1934) starring Maurice Chevalier and Jeanette MacDonald.

In the comedy Aventure à Paris/Adventure in Paris (Marc Allégret, 1936), she co-starred with Jules Berry and Lucien Baroux.

Marc Allégret also directed her in the drama Razumov: Sous les yeux d'occident/Under Western Eyes (Marc Allégret, 1936) starring Pierre Fresnay and Michel Simon. This is an adaptation of Joseph Conrad's 1911 novel Under Western Eyes.

One of her final films was the adventure film Aloha, le chant des îles/Aloha, the song of the islands (Léon Mathot, 1937), in which she again appeared with Jean Murat.

Danièle Parola was married to the actor and producer André Daven from 1927 till his death in 1981. Parola passed away in Paris in 1998. She was 93.

Danièle Parola
French postcard by Edition Chantal, Paris, no. 56. Photo: C.F.C.

Danièle Parola
French postcard by A.N., Paris, no. 590. Photo: Paramount.

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