06 March 2013

Guest Post on Immortal Ephemera

Please check out Immortal Ephemera, one of our favourite 'Stars in the Blogosphere'. Clifford Aliperti is the host of this oasis for everyone who is interested in classic movies and movie collectibles. Today, he published my guest post on European Film Star Postcards, and did a wonderful job with it.

Walter Slezak

Thanks Cliff! Greetings from Amsterdam,

Paul van Yperen a.k.a. Bob of Holland


Bunched Undies said...

I recommend all readers of EFSP visit Immortal Ephemera for Paul's excellent post. You will learn more about the blog's history and Paul's passion for collecting. Truly, European Film Star Postcards is like an investigation of a lost part cinema's past and Paul's efforts are vital to keeping this rich legacy alive.

Cliff Aliperti said...

Thank you again, Paul, for the wonderful contribution to my site--it is exactly what I had imagined back when we first discussed this idea. And thanks to your collecting friends for supplying the images as well.